Sabrosa is set in a partial Orrery cosmology; that is, some of the planes (the Spheres) are physically visible from the Prime Material Plane (much as planets are visible in our solar system). During times at which the planes are in alignment or syzygy, the influence of the Spheres can be felt in Sabrosa, for good or ill. These Spheres are physically coexistent with Sabrosa, and could be traveled to directly if sufficient means of transport could be found. The Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Shadow are coexistent and coterminous, respectively, with the Prime Material, and thus with both Sabrosa and the Spheres.

Also connected to Sabrosa are the Spiritual Planes, or Realms of Spirit. These can only be accessed by traveling through the Astral Plane. They are many and varied, but little is known regarding them.

Connective Planes

Ethereal Plane
Plane of Shadow
Astral Plane

The Spheres

Plane of Air
Plane of Earth
Plane of Fire
Plane of Metal
Plane of Water
Plane of Wood
Negative Energy Plane
Positive Energy Plane

The Realms of Spirit


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